SOLD Baer ML115 cabinet with cover and casters

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    Hi folks,

    Selling my lovely Baer ML115 cab, It is in excellent shape (I can't find any marks of note). I love this cab, the best sounding and feeling 1x15 I have played through, but 99% of my gigs are tiny room jazz things, and I generally use my Baer ML112. If I need to beef up I can always bring out a Berg HD112 (or two) to stack with it. So I need to move this beauty along to make space in my tiny studio and so it gets the love it needs. BTW, these cabs are only 48 lbs, which is deceptively light for a cab this size, so it is very easy to move around, especially with the casters and the well placed, sturdy handles.

    I can email or text pics on request.

    New price, $899, + $85 for the padded cover, + $65 for casters = $1049 plus shipping for this exact setup.

    So... $500 Paypal, we split shipping (I have a nice box that shipped it safely to me that I can ship it in). Local pickup is fine as well.
    Will consider a trade/partial trade for:
    1x12 Markbass combo
    PJB combo (there are so many, try me)
    Revsound RS210, preferably no tweeter (not interested in any other cabs)
    Any other boutique micro sized combo amp I can use to play in my office between meetings, or possibly for very small, intimate gigs.
    Medium scale 32" basses, possibly a cool short scale
    If it is not on this list please do not ask about a trade, I am not interested. Thanks!
    Also, cash is much preferred over a trade option. Thanks!

    Note: I would prefer not to lay out any cash on a trade option, although I will not rule it out, it would hopefully be a minimal outlay. Also, if we are both shipping there will no doubt be some inequity so please consider that as well.

    Continental US only please. Sorry...

    It is very clean and has those kick ass, slick and easy to remove/install factory casters. Why doesn't every manufacturer use these on their big cabs?
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