SOLD Bartolini 3 band EQ 4.6AP/918 & 59CBJD L1/N1 5 string pups

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  1. BC82

    BC82 [To Each His Own]

    Nov 25, 2013
    USA - KY
    Bart pre never used, NIB! bought both for a project and just been sitting around. Pre amp is 3 band with adjustable mids p/p, 4 knob. see pics for more info.

    Pickups are both long. bought for a warwick project. Pickups have slight wear from b-string.

    $125 each shipped CONUS

    Will cut a little off of the price if bought together.

    1FE2FC1E-B442-4EC6-8D6D-72D30AA133B7.jpeg 25B1D10C-9773-47CD-94EF-C03CEE85A349.jpeg 2080E8B6-A4CA-47C5-A97C-8D40E81E96B5.jpeg E7923CD4-0336-424A-B008-6DAF5EE5F0C0.jpeg
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  2. BC82

    BC82 [To Each His Own]

    Nov 25, 2013
    USA - KY
    Pre sold. Pups for sale still in another thread.