SOLD Black Arts Toneworks Fnord (Scrambler/Muff Fuzz)

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    Limited Run of the Black Arts Toneworks v2. Only 25 made with this graphic. Pedal works flawlessly and includes the original box.

    For those who arent familiar with this pedal it is essentially a gated version of the Scrambler and a Big Muff, with a blend control to select more/less of either pedal. The blend knob is the "Fnord" knob. The filter knob affects the tone of just the scrambler circuit. The silence knob is the volume/output.

    I've attached a recording of my Fender Jazz bass through the clean channel of my Darkglass M900. First tone is clean, second is everything set at noon, third is all the knobs to the left (scrambler), and forth is everything turned to the right (Big muff)

    I love this pedal, and am not in a hurry to sell. Just have other pedals I'd like to try.

    $90 shipped CONUS

    Trades considerations:
    Envelope Filters
    Old school sounding OD

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