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    The PS-3 is definitely a contender for wildest Boss pedal ever. It somehow combines delay and pitch shifting in ways that also manage to approximate chorus, ring mod, tremolo, whammy effects, and all sorts of subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

    Notable users include Justin Chancellor from Tool, and the guys from Isis and Cave In.

    $120 shipped. Trades considered.

    Specs from Boss:

    The PS-3 contains both a pitch-shifter and a delay. There is seven pitch shift modes, and three delay modes as well as an expression mode. The pitch shift level is selectable in 26 steps – 24 chromatic steps over a +/- 1 octave range plus 2-octave up-down capability. The delay is up to a maximum of 2000 ms just like the DD-5.

    • Delay, 32ms – 125ms
    • Delay, 125ms – 500ms
    • Delay, 500ms – 2000ms
    • Detune, adds a slightly pitch-shifted sound to the input sound to create a detune effect
    • Fast Pitch Shift, very little delay in pitch shifted sound. Good for slightly shifted sounds.
    • Slow Pitch Shift, more delay in pitch shifted sound but very accurate. Good for greatly shifted sounds.
    • Inverse Pitch Shift, a mode where the pitch shifted sounds are reversed
    • Detune & Detune, adds two slightly pitch shifted sounds to the input signal to create a fat detuned effect.
    • Detune & Pitch Shift, detune output from Output A and Pitch Shifted sound from Output B
    • Pitch Shift & Pitch Shift, Pitch shifted sounds from both output. Pitch A controls Output A and Ptch B controls Output B
    • Expression, A connected expression pedal will set the pitch shift between Pitch A and Pitch B

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