SOLD Carl Martin Bass Drive

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    Dec 7, 2017
    Dayton, Tennessee
    A high-quality tube OD/preamp pedal, it has done a nice job warming the tone of my solid state head, and makes a smooth and steady transition into dirt/fuzz beyond noon on the gain knob. As pictured, it comes with the original box and a power cord. $140 PayPal, including shipping CONUS.

    04629DF6-5FC2-4B1E-87DF-EE34BB0E9B2A.jpeg E4E53F04-C5EA-491D-AC6F-F67DD723CCEE.jpeg 0CD8D434-82DD-403F-8BC2-5979DECEB781.jpeg 2BE083D9-A426-44E5-A800-36094251968B.jpeg
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