SOLD Carvin DCM1204 4 channel rack mount power amp

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    Great condition Carvin DCM1204 4-channel power amp. Very versatile with ample wattage and bridgeable channels (200w/300w/600w per output); check the included spec sheet for details.

    Special price for my TB friends: 300 shipped CONUS, or even lower if picked up. Will to drive a little to help you pick up this great amp. Also for sale is the pictured Carvin Road Warrior 4U rack and the DOD crossover...make an offer on all 3!
    SmartSelect_20180913-171730_Gallery.jpg SmartSelect_20180909-225513_Drive.jpg 20180909_094200.jpg 20180909_094250.jpg SmartSelect_20180913-171730_Gallery.jpg 20180909_094303.jpg
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