SOLD Carvin XB76PF Claro Walnut Fretless 6

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    Selling my Carvin 6 string fretless in excellent condition. This was Carvin’s flagship mid-2000s. Well optioned with highly figured claro walnut top, five piece neck-through construction, integrated piezo bridge, gold hardware and 18v active preamp. Pickups are bridge humbucker with coil split switch and neck J pickup. Pickups can be switched active or passive. Controls are volume, blend, low, mid, high freq. and piezo blend

    Unlined ebony fingerboard, 35” scale. Currently strung with D’Addario Chromes.

    The bass is in excellent condition with only a couple of small marks in the clearcoat; two on the lower control body edge and one next to the control cavity cover plate. I’ve done my best to photograph these. The ebony fingerboard has some visual marks from round wound string use from previous owner but you can’t feel these playing the bass or running your finger across the fingerboard. They are purely cosmetic

    The bass is set up well and a pleasure to play. includes original Carvin molded ABS case (The case is a little warped although it doesn’t affect the bass stored within it).

    $850 shipped and insured. Add $30 to locations in Mountain and Pacific time zones.

    D2099FF1-6C08-48BD-A150-271F5248C220.jpeg D90608E4-0F47-4369-A8FC-466CF1E0AB8C.jpeg BE89F24F-ACA7-43CD-BCAD-93B9912C2A97.jpeg 6BDCFFC1-5289-4F73-8288-853077A57AA0.jpeg C63760AF-F92A-49C2-9104-297A52804F95.jpeg 0D7F0C32-C674-4484-B60F-522818CA1BEA.jpeg CA8B18BD-5EA0-40C8-8D1D-12AE88561DB2.jpeg 0BBAAE14-DC17-477C-9DC3-ECAA3C9E495F.jpeg 31AB956D-F34B-40DC-BAF8-50C71EDDE8F1.jpeg FD2F9539-1833-4B77-9B50-18FE2F94443C.jpeg 553BF281-DABD-4BFB-BE87-9B676326B318.jpeg 3800D7C6-B184-4750-A022-879193536575.jpeg F60BF0AD-8327-4500-B832-21E3F93B681F.jpeg C25B176A-4709-43A7-B581-F864C0E4316D.jpeg 6FF877C3-6FFA-4239-A0DC-D59F9AA1A774.jpeg
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  2. i played a bass that was literally identical to this aside from being fretted and maple fingerboard for many years.

    the XB basses from carvin in the mid 2000s were so underrated.

    P.S. the scale is 35.25", believe it or not. the B string will change your life.
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    That’s a lot of nice features for under 1k!
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    Jul 19, 2001
    Waiting for it to arrive at my doorstep today. Thanks so much man!
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