SOLD Cioks AC Rider Power Supply with box and all cables - $65

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by CJL, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Selling a Cioks AC Rider power supply with all of the cables and paperwork. I bought this to power my Starlifter preamp (since it will do 12v AC) and it worked great, but I no longer have the Starlifter and this is not being used. It has Velcro but also has the screw on feet included.

    • 6 outlets configured in 3 isolated sections
    • powerful AC section with 9 or 12V AC
    • short circuit protection of all outlets
    • advanced LED monitoring of each section
    • 120 or 230V mains voltage operation
    • detachable mains power cord
    • courtesy AC mains outlet
    • CIOKS unique mains link feature
    • Flex cables included
    • very easy mounting to pedal boards
    • durable steel enclosure with 2mm thick top
    • Link to the manufacturer’s product page - AC Rider Link – CIOKS
    Outlet 1-2: 9 or 12V DC / 200mA
    Outlet 3-4: 9 or 12V DC / 200mA

    Asking $65 shipped CONUS. I will consider shipping elsewhere if the buyer is willing to pay any additional fees. No trades please. Thanks for looking.

    96E8D7CF-4FE5-4EBB-9E61-3162D8D0EFF2.jpeg 9918962E-C9B8-4363-B7D8-ED958A4140A9.jpeg 4E1F3221-6A1B-4172-9150-6B198C67F888.jpeg 8C4EF1F5-0BCD-484E-A56B-77EF9C0A667A.jpeg A892814B-5E16-432D-8CA8-5C30D4618115.jpeg 3022D18D-B101-4B5A-AF7D-F47EFDF9F8F8.jpeg DC01FC5E-7DB5-4785-8FEA-22D2F3243E91.jpeg
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