No longer available Complete Pedal Rig!

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    Upon a brand new Joyo Pedal Carpet (don't sleep on this unique alternative to traditional boards!) are the following pedals:
    1. Voodoo Labs ISO5 PSU (Like new)
    2. Zoom MS100BT (the Sansamp model on this justifies its price alone!)
    3. Mad Professor Blueberry Bass OD (if you know, you know!)
    4. EHX Epitome (just back from the factory for a once over)
    5. Torpedo Cab M+ (Like new)
    274707F1-C780-48EE-B83A-7BE42AB6367B.jpeg B3BBB647-0B4E-4DDE-9745-B2464712A993.jpeg 86F253DF-1139-4EF5-B15E-A8848127E61E.jpeg

    This setup allows you to run into the Zoom for tuner & preamp duties, into the BBOD for drive, three common wet effect options in the Epitome, and out into the Cab M for cab sim, noise gate, and finishing EQ duties. You can have a tuner, preamp, or noise gate at the beginning or end of your chain!

    All appropriate cables/ICs are included. No trades. Buyer to pay for shipping if not picked up locally.
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