SOLD Countryman Type 85

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    Oct 24, 2005
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    The Countryman Type 85 DI. Built like a tank, never abused as you can see in the pics. Comes in original box with the instructions, if you even need them :). Asking $110 shipped in the CONUS.

    BBE19289-F976-4DFF-B6B5-F17503FF5C80.jpeg 50BE988B-507D-432A-839B-C35E5D2FC21E.jpeg CAE95F87-CC27-4289-99DB-30E640082A17.jpeg ABB7F5D2-6D7D-49FC-87BE-463C859F6F2A.jpeg
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  2. Such a deal. A gig bag essential item. GLWTS!
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    I have one in my gig bag. It really is built like a tank, mine is an old 1979 one. Best thing about it; it makes FOH guys relax. They like things to be familiar and orderly. If you have one with you, it gives you serious street cred with them.
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