No longer available DiMarzio Model J bridge pickup (x2) DP123L

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  1. craigb

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    Hey Y'all,

    I had intended to buy a pair of neck (short) pickups for a project, but through a mixup ended with a pair of bridge (long) pickups. I could swap them out with DiMarzio for the short length but have since abandoned the project.

    These are unused - one was taken out of the packaging when I had not realized it was the wrong size, but when it didn't fit in the route I packed it back up and restored the originals. So never used, never soldered.

    These fit in the bridge route of a standard Fender J, but not the neck (it's a shorter route). I've got an appropriate pair (one short/one long) in a US G&L JB-2 and love the adjustable poles, and series/parallel options on the wiring. I have another in the bridge position on my Reverend Rumblefish PJ and like it there.

    $55 ea shipped in the CONUS, $105 for the pair

    I'd work a trade for G&L MFD P pickup as that's the only thing I can see a future use for at this time

  2. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    Since I ended up keeping the Trib JB2 I arranged to exchange these for a pair of the shorter DP123Ss to put in there