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    Sep 12, 2017
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    2006 Dingwall AB1+ (upgraded)

    Description and pics from previous owners listing.....

    This bass is in fantastic condition. The only real imperfection is some buckle rash on the back in the clearcoat. This can be clearly seen in the attached photos and they are all surface scratches. The flame maple top is in pretty much perfect condition. There is some minor wear on the Dingwall logo on the headstock which can also be viewed in the photos.

    This bass started it's life as a passive instrument. I recently ordered a Glockenklang 3 band preamp directly from Dingwall (which they prewired) and had it installed a few months ago by one of Toronto's top techs. This included all new pots, switches and new control knobs. The pre runs off a single 9v which is in the control cavity. The switch you see is a dummy switch (producer switch). It was originally used for the blueqube (mid contour) switch. This was removed due to a lack of space in the control cavity so the switch is currently set to placebo mode. Glock pre has an active passive switch (volume pot) and the treble acts as a passive tone control while in passive so it really is the best of both worlds.

    Body is alder, top is flame maple
    Neck is maple, fretboard is Wenge
    Weight is right around 9 lbs

    Dingwall gigbag and tools included. Buyer pays actual shipping.

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