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SOLD EBMM Ball Family Reserve Stingray

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bhoff5150, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Price:
    ***Price Drop***

    I was fortunate to purchase this several years back. I am switching back to 5 strings and just purchased a PDN starry night stingray classic 5. I need to sell some gear to cover it, which has this one up for sale. EBMM did not record how many of these they sold, but they did tell me they only took orders for this bass for 1 month. It's black with a very subtle flake that you have to turn just the right way to see. Ebony fretboard. Roasted birdseye neck. Original hardshell case. I also have the certificate of authenticity.

    I found a Ball Family Reserve t-shirt on eBay and I'll send that as well (size XL) if you want it. Black shirt with a white BFR logo on the back that matches the fretboard inlay on the bass. Says "That top sucks" on the front (obviously talking about other manufacturers...).

    Bass weighs 9.6# on bathroom scale. Previous owner played with a pick and if you hold it the right way you can see some marks on the pick guard. Other than that she's pretty much spotless other than the typical swirling you get. Easily a 9/10 in my opinion.

    I have another stingray 4 and I would say this one is just a tad more "tame" than that one. A tiny bit less of the clank you typically get with a stingray, but all of the bottom. Still plenty of top end and has that typical stingray sound. 3-band EQ.

    PM with questions please.

    IMG_1380.PNG IMG_1379.PNG IMG_1381.PNG IMG_1382.PNG IMG_1383.PNG IMG_1385.PNG IMG_1384.PNG

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  2. Wow, my cellphone pics are terrible. Here are some pics from the previous owner who had better photography skills than me
    961E87E4-3851-460C-B4ED-FBC16233199E. 6E451C93-41B1-4ECA-B55A-F26794F75E87. 235E22F0-64F6-4217-87F4-A3D452F633F3. 9B8FD81D-C00F-4E13-90FF-5440EA213ABE. 07C91FDF-CC35-4F09-A0DB-AE05A78D52D7. AC43E598-6435-444B-9DF2-83219ECF0E5D.

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  3. Does the dog come with it? That neck is killer and creepy at the same time
  4. The pics with the dog are from the previous owner. I can ask him if you’d like the dog thrown in!!
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  5. Price drop
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  6. Price drop again.

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