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    Mar 14, 2017
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    Up for sale or trade is rare and incredibly versatile Ernie Ball Music Man Big Al SSS 4 String in very good condition.


    -Maple Neck

    -Vintage Sunburst Finish

    -Aged White Pearloid Pickgaurd

    -3 Single Coil Neodymium Magnet Pickups

    -4 Band EQ W/Active-Passive Switch

    -Passive Tone Control

    -Original Music Man Tuning Pegs

    -Hipshot Drop D-extender installed (Original Tuner Included)

    -5 Bolt Neck

    -Sculpted Neck Heal

    -34” Scale

    -11” Neck Radius

    -1.5” Nut Width

    -22 Frets

    -9.8 lbs. on my bathroom scale

    The bass is in very good playing shape with a nice straight neck, comfortably low string height, and solid intonation. There are a few minor scratches on the body of the bass and some light swirling in areas. There’s also one very small nick on the on the bottom of the bass and some small dings on the top of the headstock. Overall the bass is in very good condition and sounds incredible.

    Asking $1500 shipped fully insured to Con US only.

    Open to reasonable offers

    Open to trades for 4 or 5 string basses +/- cash in either direction for the right trade. I’m mainly looking for brands like; F Bass, Warwick, Valenti, Lakland, Dingwall, G. Gould, EBMM, Fender, etc… but feel free to let me know what you have.

    Let me know if you have any questions

    IMG_2958.jpg IMG_2967.jpg IMG_2960.jpg IMG_2963.jpg IMG_2959.jpg IMG_2962.jpg IMG_2961.jpg IMG_2965.jpg IMG_2949.jpg IMG_2968.PNG
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    Nov 4, 2018
    My friends call me Big Al so you could say this bass has my name on it but I like my fivers. GLWTS on this cool rare bird.
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    Jul 16, 2014
    I have one of these in black. Same P/U configuration. My opinion is this is a desert island bass. It can do just about anything you would ever need, and a very sexy bass to boot. To compliment my Big Al, I just purchased the Albert Lee HH guitar in the same sunburst color as this fine instrument here. GLWTS.
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