No longer available EBS Uni-Chorus - 1997 Swedish Sweetness - (Vintage?)

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    Jan 6, 2004
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    Here is a semi-rare piece. 1997 (Vintage?) EBS, Made In Sweden, Uni-Chorus. Still sounds GREAT! Just removed from my board 9/2/18. She has served me well and still works and sounds flawless. The LED light strobes/blinks in accordance with the rate control. Multi switch controls, Chorus / Pitch Shift / Flanger operation. VERY CLEAN condition, considering it's age!
    Last Toured 6/19/18 - 7/2/18
    Last gigged with 8/30/18 - 9/2/18

    Older Gray Face unit, no true bypass, but more reliable than the current models, because the switch isn’t soldered to the PC Board. If ever needed, any local tech could replace the switch and not have to wait for a new, 6-9 prong PC board switch to come from EBS.

    One of the bottom screws is missing. No biggie, the 3 remaining screws securely hold the bottom plate in place.

    Your PayPal payment gets it shipped to your lower 48th US state via USPS Priority Mail with proper packaging and insurance.

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