SOLD Eden WT800B

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    Up for sale is my WT800B amp that was my “go to” amp for years. This amp has been well taken care of and I never had any issues with it’s performance. This amp comes with a SKB rolling 4U rack and includes a power strip for connecting any additional rack items or pedals. Please see the Eden website for details regarding this incredible bass amp. Price includes shipping in the US. Payment via Venmo is preferred. 35D180C2-6B98-4840-9CE3-C5D84F446B41.jpeg 53E2C14A-7B2A-4589-84B4-9F899F367AC2.jpeg 140E0727-2B1B-403C-BD8D-EAF396BCF729.jpeg D18DEC62-5200-4CB1-8C10-FA5052BD23DC.jpeg
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    Jun 11, 2012
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    Great head. I have one and it’s going to grave with me.
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