For Sale EHX Bass Microsynth, Alesis 3630

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    North Carolina
    TB’ers, I’m cleaning out the closet, both pedals have been well used and well loved! I’m using my proceeds to fund a Mike Arnopol sonic invention. Accepting offers! Thanks for reading.

    Vintage Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer -large footprint pedal. Pedal sounds great, just wasn’t the right fit for distorting my double bass. I bought this pedal from another TB’er.

    The pedal has no sound issues, but three of the sliders have broken off at the halfway point above the top face of the pedal. The slider nubs are still straight, can be easily moved, and have no sonic problems, just aesthetic. The previous owner painted the tips white to mimic the looks of the other sliders. There is some chipped paint and wear and tear expected from a vintage pedal. Finish is in good condition.

    Comes shipped with original wooden box(!), literature, and original power supply—$200 OBO CONUS shipped.
    5AF17BC6-C7A9-4D58-AC61-56893F85F06A.jpeg D022C08F-A3DA-4A81-A502-F9FB3F002AAC.jpeg 9F4C8BD0-E8B8-468C-84DA-2EF43BCCA4A9.jpeg 077D675B-4F91-481F-A5A0-D157BBDAB155.jpeg 7AA6929E-10F9-443E-9CFA-B2325F1A548C.jpeg 9EB17A1B-ED2A-4788-BE80-312B6AA0FC0F.jpeg B74CDF20-9F45-4E72-B1CD-AB4F1B669773.jpeg 4952CD60-D694-4A75-9115-079E6ACD9FFB.jpeg

    Alesis 3630 rackmount compressor-single slot. Both channels and lights fully functional. Comes with original power cord. One of the top left rackmount screws was over torqued, resulting in a metal crack in one of the mounting holes. Pix forthcoming.
    $50 OBO CONUS shipped.
    9241A958-88AE-4DAB-9DAB-122E27B0F956.jpeg 0B793ADC-FC59-41C9-AB8B-BF59E7899617.jpeg E902FA8C-4D58-411A-9FB4-C7CDEAFA8751.jpeg B887F5DB-9290-4E83-A069-FD7B9221123E.jpeg 060F3812-2C7D-47E3-86AD-E01103912097.jpeg

    SansAmp BDDI ver. 1-(SOLD) Original owner since early ‘90’s (S/N#698111). Great sound, and excellent D.I. I have used this extensively and no issues. This is a tank of a pedal and will soup up your tone! Sent to factory two years ago and pedal returned with clean bill of health. Comes with metal Tech21 box and authentic Tech21 power supply-$100 OBO–CONUS shipped.

    B6ED066E-DDF8-4FFF-94BA-D7536B461787.jpeg 75421C41-B3B8-478A-81A2-B9B3CD8E171C.jpeg 2CACB7F3-D74E-4990-82F3-E9390DFEE6A9.jpeg 13DADEF9-A538-4439-BD19-B4CA1ECB7C9E.jpeg 79608527-9D3D-4A93-BCAB-9CE10030ADA3.jpeg 67A637A9-86F8-44A0-BDD4-B3F6B9D5181C.jpeg

    PayPal works, and the only trade I am interested in at this time is a Mad Professor Bass Auto Wah. Give these pedals a loving, new home!

    Thanks for reading, Joe
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