SOLD EHX micro POG (Now with sound sample)

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    United States
    Dismembering my bass synth pedalboard. And this lovely fellah needs a new home.
    Pedal is in mint condition, with velcro, AC adaptor, original box and paperwork.
    Super fast and accurate tracking pedal great for a bass synth set up.

    Selling for $170. Price includes shipping within the continental US only.
    PayPal preferred.

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  2. So this is an interesting test I did a little bit ago as I was setting up my now defunct bass synth rig. It starts with a clean PBass with tapewounds, which I sequentially affect with each pedal in the chain. The clip is longish because of this but at 1:35 you hear the EHX microPOG enter the sonic equation. And boy does it turn this into something else!

    NOTE: One thing that I use a ton on this sample is the SolidGold FX Electroman Delay that has the Warp momentary switch that creates the feedback you hear.

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