SOLD EMG BTS System 4-knob 2-band Preamp Solderless

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    For sale is a solderless EMG BTS System 2-band preamp with 4 pots for separate bass/treble controls, master volume and pickup blend. This is the perfect companion for your solderless active EMG pickups. These sell new for $129 + shipping on the EMG website and you'd be hard pressed to tell this one apart from a new one because it's in like new condition. I'm asking $79 $69 shipped to the CONUS with payment via PayPal. Please message me if interested. Thanks for looking!

    Here are the details from the EMG website:

    The BTS System is a complete control system for EMG bass pickups. It includes an Active Balance Control that allows for loss-free balance between two pickups and has a center detent for the middle position. The additional BTS Control is a 2-band equalizer that features single-pole filters for broadband equalization. Often the broader single-pole filters are preferred for musical instruments because they are less selective, easier on the ear, and sound more “musical”. One of the features of the BTS Control is a 2-position dip-switch that controls the slope of the high frequency response. By choosing one of the four combinations the high frequency response can be tailored to your liking. The BTS Control has a high input impedance and can be used with active or passive pickups. Bass and Treble controls are mounted on separate shafts and knobs. Also included are a Master Volume control, battery buss and clip.

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