SOLD Empress ParaEQ with Boost Mint

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    5BA25D20-0B24-4F0D-BEB0-84BFFEBE5007.jpeg 6BCC828E-74D6-4779-ADC4-F846191C5056.jpeg Mint Condition Empress ParaEQ with Boost.
    Purchased for gigs with a cover band, and it is TRULY a game changer.
    It does what a boutique EQ should do: it allows you to sculpt your tone in ways that draw wholly new flavors from your instrument. It may look intimidating with all the switches and knobs - and it certainly will give you hours of fiddling and tweaking time to create many many tones - but it is very intuitive as you start selecting the smartly designed new points and drafting them up and down. It fixed problems with other pedals, drawing their best by hitting them with frequencies they liked as well. Oh - do your sound man a favor and WATCH THE BOOST!! No bass player should have access to this much boost, but you do! Be responsible!) seriously, the boost, when used properly, will bring other pedals to life, just know how to manage it on the other end of your signal chain!
    Now it’s corona-sale time. Boo.
    Truly mint, check out the pics.
    $175 plus shipping - I’m in Northwest Arkansas, so very central US. Includes original manual, sticker and warranty card. This is also a VERY potent EQ for any instrument. The only thing I don’t have is the original cardboard box, it’s lived in a pedalboard since opened. I left the Velcro on the back.
    [- the MXR DC Brick pictured is yours for $45 additional.
    - the Roadrunner soft-pedalboard is yours for $45 additional.]
    No trades, need the $. Thank you! 5BA25D20-0B24-4F0D-BEB0-84BFFEBE5007.jpeg 7EBDFC2D-3673-41F1-9E05-352D6EF09383.jpeg 6BCC828E-74D6-4779-ADC4-F846191C5056.jpeg 18F7ACE4-EE14-4C27-80AE-18CB5A6604D4.jpeg 7BEF4B13-A4C1-46DC-8B42-C5E334457417.jpeg 88FA20EC-D5AF-47AD-8BD1-5CD12D6ADEF8.jpeg 18F7ACE4-EE14-4C27-80AE-18CB5A6604D4.jpeg 6A0BDA8E-2C3F-44E6-8ADB-F7A8616472A6.jpeg 41D7AE03-A850-4CAA-9B0E-0357DC6ADD73.jpeg 1B57F8CE-CBD0-4122-B514-32148E018EC1.jpeg FF144FDD-17E1-4CF5-A017-A52B5A8EB8CF.jpeg

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