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SOLD Epifani UL-310 w cover Series 1

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by xqusemuah, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. xlnt condition. This is a Series 1. Comes with Tuki padded cover, Will ship in original box.


    I hate to part with this cab but just got 2 new Epifani cabs at Namm. This cab sounds sweet, sits great in a mix, and is light. Very tight and focused.

    Features and Specs

    Dimensions: 23" (H) x 21.5" (W) x 16.5 " (D)
    Power Handling: 750 watts RMS (1800 watts Peak)
    Speakers: (3) 250 watt RMS Cast Aluminum Frame
    100 watt RMS Tweeter
    5.3 OHMS
    Weight: 47 lbs

    $550 Shipped US 48




  2. EyeBoy

    EyeBoy Gold Supporting Member

    PM Sent.
  3. bassplayer75

    bassplayer75 Bassplayer75 Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2009
    salyersville, ky
  4. Doug Parent

    Doug Parent Gold Supporting Member

    May 31, 2004
    San Diego, Ca.
    Dealer Nordstrand Pickups.
    Hey Bro PM.
  5. bump
  6. Low Class

    Low Class Supporting Member

    Jul 4, 2005
    Orange Park, Florida
    These are killer cabs!!
  7. I have tried for years to find a better cab... I have not. I play mine 90% of the time.
  8. PM sent
  9. PM replied
  10. SOLD!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.