SOLD F Bass BN5-Gorgeous Matte Black Finish

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    Feb 21, 2020
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    “Here we have a 2019 BN5 in Black Matte Finish that is in pristine condition and was only used a handful of times.
    This bass looks absolutely stunning, plays, feels and sounds awesome.
    It has an ash body, maple neck and beautiful birdseye fingerboard.
    Will ship in original FBass gig bag.
    This bass is for sale only - NO TRADES Please! FD4E160D-E412-41AE-B282-19C54BD7C990.jpeg 0FA2A4E1-D5DA-48B8-9F50-4ECF523F14BE.jpeg 05533133-BD09-4349-8F57-96512A6F41E3.jpeg 683F78B0-4827-4835-8C9A-C210C1916FF5.jpeg 31B08B47-69CC-4612-9E2B-695F44C59852.jpeg
    Thank You. "

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