FEELER:Pristine Condition AMPEG V4-B Classic Series 1996 Studio Kept MUST SEE!

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  1. Pristine Condition USA MADE! AMPEG V4-B Classic Series 1996 Studio Kept. 100w All Tube.

    This was and has been my back up amp to work if needed. Only used it a hand full of times with my Ampeg 6x10 cab and its a monster!

    Ive had this amp for several years, after getting it from a studio that was closing down. it came w/ the org 8x10 cab that it was purchased with on the org sale date. I sold the 8x10 cab the next day after getting them. Ive held onto this amp to use as a back up and also as a collector of ampeg gear.

    The guy i got it from said that the whole rig prob had about 20 hours of studio use on it the whole time the studio was open. He also had a old filp top 15 ampeg and that was always the goto amp for people recording at the studio at the time. Anyway when he took the cover off of the whole rig my jaw hit the floor on just the condition it was in! Bassically look like it was just taken off the show room floor. As for the Ampeg name plate that would norm be on the front, they guy said that it never had one and it looked the same as the day he got it.
    Therz no holes in the grill either so it looks like this one got away w/out one.

    Ive got $630.00 in this amp. its been re-tubed and set up about 2 years ago (prob didnt even need it). But i like to keep my tube stuff on point and have it serviced and checked out. I have the org 4x6L6 power tubes that came w/the amp.

    Id like to get $600 and i will ship free to CONUS only. No over seas shipping as this amp spots at 64lbs.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to see more pics.

    Really dont want to sell this thing but i dont use big guns much anymore.