SOLD Fender 1975 Jazz Bass all Original

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    1975 Fender Jazz Bass. All original and in great condition. Everything on the bass works as it should. The electronics, truss rod, tuners, bridge, everything in perfect working order. The Bass has a few minor dings and surface scratches, nothing major. The chrome hardware has no rust, however the tuners have tarnished some. The headstock has checking, the body does not. The serial number and all appointments date it to 1975. The pots are dated to the 51st week of 1974. The pickups have become adhered to the foam padding underneath. I did not try to remove them for pictures because I did not want to cause any damage. There are ways of removing the pickups from the padding, but it’s probably best left to a professional. The weight is 10lbs, 3oz with the pickup cover and ashtray on.

    The original case is in good condition. The handle has some minor damage and one of the latches has a broken spring, but still functions. Overall, the case is in good condition and does what it’s supposed to do.

    The bass has low action. The frets are in good shape and show minor wear. The tone is unbelievable! No reissue can match the tone of a vintage bass. Capable of a deep, warm thump to a nasty growl. The slap tone? Forget about it! Nothing matches this bass, period! End of story!

    The price is $2900. Prefer local sale, but will ship in the conus for an additional $100.

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    This look like my first real bass I ever owned. I bought it in a pawnshop on 48th St. in NYC in 1982 for $375. I loved and hope whoever gets it loves it. GLWTS.