SOLD Fender 50s Precision, Honey Blonde, Flats, Case Candy, $ includes Shipping

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    2013 '50s Series Precision with gold anodized pickguard, reverse-wind tall tuners, threaded bridge saddles, D'addario Chromes flatwounds, Dunlop DualDesign Straplocks including the strap pieces, original Fender gigbag in excellent condition, and all the original case candy (including the unused bumper sticker). The pickguard has factory holes for a thumbrest and pickup cover, but the body has never been tapped or drilled for them. This bass has only a few hours of playing time on it. I would rate it an honest 9.8 on a 10-scale. There are NO pick marks or scratches or hazing. Glossy and gorgeous. Two *very* small pressure marks, only one of which I would consider a "ding," which is the one on the *back* of the top horn side (see photo with the pick as a size reference). The other mark is at the bottom-front edge of the body by the pickguard under the tone knob, see photo. Both of those places have to be looked for to be seen, as they are not obvious at all. The spot under the Tone knob is almost invisible in most light angles, and the small place on the back certainly can't be seen when the bass is being played.
    The color is Honey Blonde, which is ever-so-slightly trans with the faintest woodgrain showing through in the right lighting. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL with the maple fretboard!
    The action is set up lllllow and fast. The neck has zero dings or fret wear. Plays like butter, with a color to match! 9 pounds and 1 ounce on my postal scale.
    The price is $748,875,000.13 shipped in the lower U.S. 48 states, via USPS. I get OCD about packing and bubblewrapping, so you can be assured it gets to you safely.

    I'm only selling because this has the true-to-original 1.75" nut, and I am much more of a Jazz-width player. The neck isn't old-P fat or huge, it's just too wide for me at the nut to get used to.

    Comments are welcome, but please PM trade offers or payment arrangements.










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