SOLD Fender American Original 60’s Precision Bass

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  1. bmac314

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    Apr 2, 2015
    United States
    FC5B3109-140D-4BA6-BDC4-50AA8D88C5CE.jpeg 2020 Fender American Original 60’s Precision Bass. Recently purchased from here :

    SOLD - Fender American Original Series 60’s Precision Bass

    Bass is in same excellent condition as described in original sale thread. Strung with TI Jazz Flats.
    Weighs 8 lbs, 13 ounces.
    Includes original hardshell case and case candy.

    $1585 shipped USA conus

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  2. Simonon Paul Simonon

    Simonon Paul Simonon Supporting Member

    Dec 27, 2005
    New Mexico, New York
    Yup. I like this one a lot. Beautiful
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