SOLD Fender American Professional Jazz Bass

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    Oct 28, 2013
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    This is a N.O.S. Fender American Professional Jazz bass. Purchased from the store that had it on the shelf a while. It has been restrung with Ernie Ball Slinkies and set up to play. Never gigged, never left the store. It has two slight imperfections as pictured. One is a slight ding in the pickguard from where the truss rod tool rubs against it, this is common on all Am. Pro basses. Also there are some very light pick scratches by the bridge pickup.

    This is a brand new bass with some very light store ware and that is it.

    Case is pristine and all case candy is intact, even the silica gel packets.

    Shipping $40 CONUS 0420191243.jpg 0420191244.jpg 0420191243b.jpg 0420191243a.jpg 0420191244a.jpg 0420191244b.jpg 0420191245.jpg 0420191243c.jpg 0420191243d.jpg
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