SOLD Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V Five String Sunburst

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    Jun 24, 2015
    Bought this from Sam Ash a few months ago and don't really have the desire to keep it. I really don't play that much anymore, and for what I do my MIM Jazz suits me fine. This bass probably has about 25 hours of play time on it from me, has never been gigged and has lived the majority of its life in its case and on a stand.

    The bass was a return from a new purchase, and is in great shape. I'm sure there are some minute hairline scratches on the back and in key areas, but over I'd rate ht instrument a 9.5 out of 10. Frets have barely any time on them, everything is in really nice shape.

    Bass comes with its original hard case, including the original strap, Dunlop Strap locks, hex tools, and case candy.

    Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see closer pictures!


    Also, selling to raise money, so not interested in trades at the moment. Thanks!


    Sorry, forgot to put shipping info. I am asking $50 towards shipping costs.

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    Great bass GLWTS
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  4. How much does it weigh?