No longer available Fender Japan pb 62 p neck for maple Jazz neck

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    20210310_124545_mfnr.jpg 20210310_124549_mfnr.jpg 20210307_144526_mfnr.jpg I am looking to try a jazz neck out on my p bass
    Looking for fender jazz neck with maple fretboard
    The japan fender neck is in excellent condition bone nut 7.25 radius vintage frets and adjustment at the heel
    These necks feel fantastic and has a beautiful dark rosewood slab board
    It would be loaded because the japanese gotoh tuners have a small post diameter
    Looking to trade for a loaded
    Quality fender jazz neck
    In excellent condition
    Let me know what you have
    Thanks so much !!
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    Awesome TB’er here folks, trade with confidence!
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