SOLD Fender Jazz 5 String Sunburst Bartolinis Aguilar Pre - Mint

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    New Jersey
    I have up for sale a fantastic American Fender Jazz 5 String I purchased new in 2008 and that was customized and set up Norio Imai in NYC. I purchased this bass new and then Norio upgraded the pickups to Bartolinis and added a BadAss bridge and Aguilar pre-amp then set up the neck and frets to perfection.

    This bass plays like butter. But, I never really caught on to the 5 string and so rarely played it. I'm sticking to my 4 strings and double bass.

    The finish is absolutely perfect and the bass sounds amazing. Not one scratch on the body anywhere.

    Some of the features include: through body strings, BadAss bridge, 3-color sunburst finish, rosewood fingerboard, tortoise pick guard, Aguilar pre-amp, Bartolini pickups.

    Comes with a TSA hard shell case and all of the stuff that came with it new including the neck wrench and even the Fender sticker.

    Feel free to ask any questions or let me know if you want to come and test-play it before you buy.

    You'll love this bass.

    IMG_5767.JPG IMG_5768.JPG IMG_5769.JPG IMG_5771.JPG IMG_5772.JPG IMG_5773.JPG IMG_5774.JPG IMG_5775.JPG IMG_5776.JPG IMG_5777.JPG IMG_5778.JPG IMG_5779.JPG IMG_5780.JPG IMG_5781.JPG IMG_5782.JPG IMG_5783.JPG IMG_5766.JPG
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    I’m sorry but this price is absurd.
  3. If you put this bass in your hands you would know where I'm coming from. A new Fender out of the box needs a lot of attention to get it to play well and sound good. And, a new USA Fender Elite 5 string goes for just over $2000 and it still needs a good set-up and fret job to play nicely. So, what would you say it is worth?
  4. Stewart13

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    Jan 8, 2016
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    $1400-$1500. Just because it's worth that to you doesn't mean that they consistently sell for $3500.
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