SOLD Fender Jazz Ultra V - Arctic Pearl 2019

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by KentClarkOnBass, Aug 31, 2020.

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    I've had this one for about eight months, only gigged with it once before COVID-19 hit. I cannot find any marks or blemishes on it at all, and everything on it is stock. Listed price is firm but includes shipping to lower 48 CONUS, will negotiate outside that or discount for local delivery. PP, Venmo, or Google Pay all fine by me. Also includes near-new TKL hard case (retail $289) shown in pics. Selling only because I've gone all fan-fret and have to fund some other gear additions.

    If you're on TalkBass, you probably know the Fender Jazz. What distinguishes the American Ultra series, and this bass, from the "standard" Jazz of yore are the following features (and I tried to capture some of these in the pics):
    • Cutaway neck heel that gives much better access to upper frets
    • Black binding around neck, looks great and makes white locator dots really pop
    • Beautiful black pearloid/abalone block inlays, including at first fret
    • HiMass bridge gives solid sustain and balances out neck dive
    • Modern "D" neck profile that feels slim and fast
    • Rounded fret edges and neck edge - with satin finish, so smooth it almost feels... unnatural?
    • Noiseless pickups are truly, eerily... noiseless. Great Jazz tone without any Jazz hiss.
    • Active/passive switch. Three-band EQ in active, tone control in passive. Between neck, bridge, and tone controls you can get a lot of different sounds.
    • As a V this has five strings. You get a solid low B to add in, but it preserves the classic Jazz design nicely.
    • The Arctic Pearl/Tort Pickguard/Black Pearloid Blocks combo is (IMHO) the best of the limited color combos offered by Fender for this model
    • The shiny Arctic Pearl is filled with a subtle glittery sparkle. Hard to show in a photo but in some of them you can see it's not just a smooth white.
    • Gold foil Fender logo on headstock
    Hey, after listing that out, I'm getting attached to it again. Give it a good home!


    IMG_20200831_153019002.jpg IMG_20200831_152447212.jpg IMG_20200831_152519616.jpg IMG_20200831_152631688.jpg IMG_20200831_152639491.jpg IMG_20200831_152703038_HDR.jpg IMG_20200831_152716523_HDR.jpg IMG_20200831_152750930.jpg IMG_20200831_152919272.jpg IMG_20200831_152939954_HDR.jpg IMG_20200831_153019002.jpg IMG_20200831_153051589.jpg IMG_20200831_153119242.jpg IMG_20200831_153151120_HDR.jpg IMG_20200831_153244565.jpg
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