For Sale/Trade Fender Ltd Ed American Standard channel bound Stratocaster

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    Jul 2, 2008
    This is a Ltd Ed 60th Anniversary American Standard Channel Bound Stratocaster. It’s totally gorgeous and in mint condition except for one strap button (see pictures). Comes original case and all case candy, including the strap and hang tags. Sounds exceptionally Strat-y with the stock Custom Shop Fat 50s pickups and the rare channel bound neck is just like butter in the hand. Easily the nicest neck of any guitars I’ve owned. Just finding myself to be more of a Tele and Gibson guy.

    I would trade +/- cash for a nice tele, a nice 5 string or fretless, or a Genzler BA12-3.

    5AFB8B0E-632B-4658-A40C-382943BA44C9.png DA20ECF3-3609-48BF-BB97-8360AAF2C64B.png FCC0F591-E7C0-47AB-B60F-9E0A48801AD7.png 6A0D23ED-E773-4FA9-AF76-B7FF0C3DA6DC.png D4194609-89C6-4749-8110-A0C27E4C6B8D.png E44BB903-C406-40BC-BBFF-28BCB2ED3FBE.png 6E0A0417-399E-43B9-889B-FEA65750A26A.jpeg