SOLD Fender MIM Deluxe Active Precision PJ Body Lightweight

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    New Jersey
    Fender MIM Deluxe Active Precision body, from 2012. This body is in very nice condition with a few small scuffs, which I've pictured. Originally was an active bass with a side jack. I do not have the pickups or preamp. Bridge is not original, looks to be a high-mass aftermarket. Body with bridge weighs 5lbs 4oz. Fully assembled bass was 8lbs 11oz. My only reason for selling is to fund a new jazz.

    I have 3 pickguards to choose from. White pearloid, gold, or 1-ply black.

    Reasonable offers certainly considered

    IMG_9157.JPG IMG_9154.JPG IMG_9155.JPG IMG_9156 (1).JPG
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    Thanks for your help. Excited about getting it here. Perfect for m project.
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