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    Hey guys,
    I recently built a matching p bass and jazz bass both with the Fender buttercream colored bodies and 70s inspired necks.

    I wanted to get another jazz bass after I hadn't owned one in awhile and realized that I just prefer a P Bass much more now than a Jazz Bass and besides I already have my eye on other basses so time for the jazzer to go to someone else.

    The body has all of the original electronics that it came with, I installed the ashtray cover and the thumb rest to help with the vintage vibe. The neck has been replaced with an Allparts JRF B 70s jazz bass neck. Personally, to me this replacement neck blows the original maple one out of the water. It has way more sustain and a richer mellowed tone compared to the maple board it came with. It has 70s Cloverleaf style tuners on it as well, holds tune perfectly. Currently strung with LaBella Deep Talkin Bass 760FL strings.

    The bass has a ding on the side of the body that can only be seen when looking at it on a stand or holding it. It it not visible at all while playing. The neck has a small chip on the top of the headstock and a small finish chip on the side of the neck near the 2nd fret. Nothing that affects playability and you can't see either in a crowd.

    800 shipped, CONUS ONLY

    Only trade I would consider is a 70s Greco Rickenbacker bass copy. Nothing else guys, sorry.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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