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SOLD Fender Precision V Olympic White Rosewood 9 lbs 2008 Case Queen!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Thud Staff, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Thud Staff

    Thud Staff Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    Houston TX
    For Sale, $850 + $50 shipped to lower 48. I can quote you a price for other areas, but prefer to keep this to North America.

    OK, so let’s get this out of the way: why am I selling it, after possession of a couple weeks?
    • There is nothing wrong with this bass: it is perfectly functional and plays flawlessly.
    • I have confirmed I prefer short scales.
    • I have a case of GAS...I have a lead on a custom short scale 5 and need to sell this to finance.
    • It’s friday, so, this is for sale!
    • I don’t know what I have until it’s gone...
    • Insert excuse here <<<
    Original purchase thread here: SOLD - Olympic White Fender P Bass 5 $850

    This bass must have been a case queen: none of the usual use marks of 11+ year old bass. The pickguard shows use, but not bad: it just doesn’t look new. Totally stock and unmodded Bass here. I also confirmed it weighs 9 lbs.

    The pics show the paint a little lighter than it is. It has aged very nicely into a creamy, Olympic white. Love this color! Currently strung with a brand new set of Dunlop Super Bright (45-125 w/ tapered B)

    Pics to show I own it:

    A41FD408-0518-4333-A5F1-652CA14AC08C.jpeg FA975EE0-A015-4014-B7A2-762C518C1751.jpeg BEBDEB4C-90B7-4D2A-87E4-A23FCE1D8886.jpeg 77B9AC39-978F-4022-B033-2736C03E55E6.jpeg 6DC13678-8BF1-4ACF-8A47-FE39FDF8271B.jpeg 2D0475DD-80AF-487B-810D-59F0233FECCA.jpeg 57DA1AC3-2815-4DE7-86D0-239B1D43F8A3.jpeg D0B0A1CF-7BA0-4B7E-B688-C69C8EB28BA5.jpeg 73DF3693-FE39-41A6-992C-323792F6CE45.jpeg F5F88358-BE60-46BD-BC87-F2AB66CFFA91.jpeg 5D3A07AA-16EF-4197-A82A-00467991FA37.jpeg 1427D876-5F8D-4B12-82F4-4E5711DFC954.jpeg 3E68FFA9-B987-4184-97DF-F67D9402CBB2.jpeg 7DA03877-E4E3-4FF3-B6AA-DABDA66ED19E.jpeg
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