SOLD Fender Standard American Jazz bass

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    D24A2DBA-9A20-48E7-A6D0-84670D40B664.jpeg 9EE5FDD0-0CF0-49C1-8864-DC3CF7A018F4.jpeg F9B86548-923A-4690-8029-A252E7893F9D.jpeg CCFFDD99-5525-4909-8511-79963D509751.jpeg 34DDBF20-ECD6-4F8A-8FD6-6ECE21A32118.jpeg 767D065D-31B1-45E6-A68C-F7D8E85898BA.jpeg 2CD907C8-C7C2-4C3D-AE02-803CC5C43ED2.jpeg 8F2AF2F7-8987-46AF-B43D-FE7955DED7BD.jpeg 4D9BD285-1C86-4C0A-80E6-C5E9D75F8D90.jpeg 4D8C2B37-CE0A-4B4E-9B8B-EC4E8C609D8B.jpeg 30BBE9F3-714D-45E5-8EFA-3B1E62EF20C0.jpeg I purchased this bass new in 2008 and have had it ever since. I'm mainly a 5 string player, so this bass has had minimal play over the time I've owned it. It's absolutely the best 4 string Fender Jazz I've ever played. So consistent throughout the neck. Has black pearloid Pickguard installed, will have white pickguard also. There is also a d-tuner installed. It will ship with the original tuner in the hardshell case. It weighs 8.6 pounds on my bathroom scale. The price is $875 shipped to the lower 48 states only.
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