SOLD Fender V-Mod Precision Bass Pickup + American Pro Wiring Harness

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    Fender V-Mod Precision bass pickup plus Fender American Professional Precision bass wiring harness

    Both of these came out of my Fender American Professional Precision bass. Just clearing out some unused parts.

    There is one point on the harness where the ground wire/lug will need to be re-soldered onto the volume pot. Next to this spot a couple of wire casings got a little singed, but nothing which should impact anything. Just for disclosure.

    $80 shipped, CONUS only
    Venmo or PayPal for payment

    Thanks for looking.
    641E6CC8-8981-4156-891A-720204BAF960.jpeg 5FA87A2A-F482-43A1-BEF2-EAF46A558B60.jpeg D069FFBD-E997-45B3-84FE-10404304E39B.jpeg C664B9CD-2CE0-415D-BFCB-48B116BAA9A6.jpeg DE96565C-9499-44FA-AB9F-40A3692D19F1.jpeg
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