SOLD Fodera 35th Anniversary Monarch 4 Deluxe - Legacy

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    Hey Talkbass,

    I am moving along my Fodera 35th Anniversary Monarch 4 Deluxe Legacy bass. This is a rare bird, only 35 were produced in 2018 as a special run designed to 'capture warm lows and have the articulation needed to provide a broad range of tone for bass players stepping out into more and more solo work'. The setup, action, playability, and neck feel are all top notch- it plays VERY well - super fast and precise. The bass has amazing sustain, which I would attribute to the Dovetail neck joint. This bass also has the Fodera/Pope Custom Preamp as well- IMO this is the line of delineation between the different Fodera models and seems to give each note a bloom and distinct tonal characteristic that is unique to this preamp.

    The bass is in excellent A++ condition. I cannot find a scratch on it. There are what appears to be two tiny marks on the front face of the bass, but these seem to be wood variations that are not scratches or dents- you cannot feel a hint of an indent when running your finger across them. There are a lot of detailed pictures taken in full sunlight that bring out all of the visual nuances.

    Link from Fodera's announcement:

    35th Anniversary Monarch 4 Deluxe - Legacy

    • Quilted Maple Top (Solid)
    • Mahogany Body
    • 3-Piece Maple Neck
    • Pau Ferro Fingerboard
    • Clay Dot Inlays
    • 34″ Scale Length
    • 24-Fret (large), 19.0mm String Spacing
    • Dovetail Neck Joint
    • Fodera / Pope Custom 3-Band Preamp
    • Monarch Control Layout
    • Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickups

    • 9.8 pounds

    These retailed at $7550 and they only made 35 of them. Priced to sell at $5800 - will need to work out shipping, and local sale preferred. Includes Fodera hardshell case and all the accompanying case candy accoutrement.

    Thanks for looking!


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