No longer available Fodera - Laurel Burl Emperor 5 Deluxe

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    I am thinning the herd as I am traveling a ton for work and not playing currently. This is one of the 3 basses I am selling.

    This is a beautiful Emperor 5 Deluxe in mint condition. Very low action, great tone. Ships with the Fodera hard shell case. I have not gigged with this bass. I received it in a trade. Previously sold for much more than I am asking.

    I have additional pics if needed.

    Not interested in any trades at this time.

    From the Fodera site (more pics here)
    Laurel Burl Emperor 5 Deluxe

    Previous sale listed here:
    SOLD - Chilean Mountain Laurel Burl Fodera Emperor Deluxe 5 - Special Wood Combo

    Here’s a one-of-a-kind Newborn! Between this Emperor Deluxe sporting a 22-fret Dovetail neck made using 5-piece construction (Ash with Ebony stringers) and then having a Presentation Grade Chilean Mountain Laurel Burl top, you are just not going to find another Fodera out there like it!

    But where it really shines is in the tone department. It’s 19.0mm spacing and 22 fret neck with a Birdseye Maple FB is slappers heaven! Incredibly articulate and yet deeper, richer and more nuanced than we would typically expect by looking at just the front of the instrument and this has everything to do with the Ash neck and Walnut. The low-end is thunderous but never fat or bloated and each note has a clarity and nuance that just has to be heard to be believed. Great stuff…

    Specs for the Laurel Burl Emperor 5 Deluxe:

    Body Woods
    Walnut Body
    No Tone Block
    Laurel Burl Top (Solid)
    Neck Woods

    Birdseye Maple Fingerboard
    3-pc. Ash
    Ebony Dot Inlays
    Construction Specs

    Birth Date – April 2012
    Dovetail Construction
    35″ Scale Length
    5 String Configuration (19.0mm Spacing)
    22 Frets (Large)
    Electronics Options

    Fodera / Pope Custom 3-Band Preamp
    Fodera Dual Coils
    Emperor Control Layout

    DSC_4219.jpg DSC_4213.jpg DSC_4220.jpg DSC_4223.jpg
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    Beautiful bass
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    Still available?
  4. No, long gone...