FS/FT: Demeter Compulator

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  1. I no longer need this as I bought a different compressor to try. The pedal is lightly used and has velcro on the back (it's on my pedal board). No chips or dings and I have the the mini AC plug. Inside there is also a battery clip.

    It's a very simple compressor. It has a volume knob and a compression knob. On the side there is a trim pot to set the overall gain of the unit.

    Compression affects the amount of gain reduction of the input signal. Turning this clock wise will give you up to 30dB of gain reduction (depending on input gain). If your instrument is very hot, you could achieve less than unity gain if you turn up the compress knob too much.

    The trim pot sets the gain of the compressor's pre-amplifier. If distortion occurs turn this down until the signal is clean. The unit is set at the factory at 20dB of gain, which is perfect for most instruments. If you have weaker pickups or want to push the envelope turn it up to its max gain 26dB.

    One of the best (and most thorough) reviews you'll find:

    I've seen many people rave about this compressor, so hopefully it will go to a good home soon! This could be a nice present for yourself. :D

    I'll sell it for $145 shipped within North America!
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  3. Someone take this off my hands. I don't need two compressors!

    Give me your Christmas money!
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