Funk Machine for sale. 70's RI Jazz-Guar!

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  1. Manolius


    Apr 12, 2010
    As much as it hurts, I'm deciding to sell my beloved bass.
    Is a combination consisting of a:

    •LOADED 70's RI Fender jazz bass body(sunburst)
    •LOADED VM Jaguar Bass neck (the black one with cream/white inlays)
    Bass will be shipped with a Musicians friend Gigbag

    Asking: $520.00 shipped CONUS
    ( I can ship other places, prices may vary though)

    This bass is on excellent/mint condition. Everything was bought new and assembled by a luthier.
    Decided to go this way as I needed a bass for recording & frankly, this is the best sounding jazz I've ever heard and had. The only reason I'm selling is that I dislike sunburst with a passion, even so it suited my purposes of recording when I needed it. Now that I'm going to be playing live pretty intensely, I need a different look that better fits my style.
    Other than that I wouldn't sell it at all.

    To visualize, is this body: mucb_R2iRS86zxh5ZBsP11A.jpg

    With this neck:

    $520.00 for:
    * 70's RI jazz bass body
    * VM Jaguar bass neck
    * +Musician's friend gig bag

    I will post pictures of the bass as soon as I get home.
  2. Manolius


    Apr 12, 2010
    Picture coming To-mo-rrow~!
    The bird's back in town!