SOLD Gallien Krueger mb200 shipped Conus $190.00

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    This head is in excellent working condition and comes with power cord. It has minor scratches on the top that are hard to capture in a picture. I will ship within 48 hours of PayPal payment. I am not interested in any trades at this time thanks. Also selling a 115 neo cab on another thread that I could sell as a combo for $600.00. 20211211_152225.jpg 20211211_152231.jpg 20211211_152241.jpg 20211211_152247.jpg 20211211_152255.jpg
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    These things are great. Louder than all get out and they do the GK thing incredibly well. I have pair of them, each driving a black widow in a slot ported cab at each of my rehearsal spaces. I have gigged one of those setups a bunch of times. This might be the best $210 you can spend on TB at the moment.

    If I had 3 bands, I'd buy it...
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