No longer available Gallien Krueger neo lV 212

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    This cab is in excellent condition and will be shipped in original packaging with paperwork. I only used it in church 3 times and only selling because I have switched to a combo. Shipping is free east of the Mississippi River and a fee of $40.00 to help with expensive shipping west of the Mississippi. These cabs cost $900 and up new. I will ship within 48 hours after receiving payment. 20220501_113904.jpg

    Gallien-Krueger NEO IV 212 Bass Cabinet Features:
    • 800W, 8-ohm, closed-back bass cabinet
    • Roadworthy void-free plywood enclosure bolstered by custom-designed bracing for rock-solid durability
    • Interior high-frequency dampening material prevents upper-frequency interference
    • 2 custom 12-inch neodymium speakers and a 1-inch horn-style tweeter yield a solid, tight low end and articulated mids and highs
    • Voice coils employ edge-wound aluminum ribbon wire for efficiency and enhanced power handling
    • Built-in system safeguards the horn from excessive power blasts
    • Near-bulletproof metal grille, hard-wearing metal corners, and an ultra-rugged cabinet coating
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    I'm always looking at GC used (just for stuff)- I see this same cab for sale (Beaumont) used for $799.99, plus tax and shipping. GLWTS. :)
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