SOLD Geddy Lee Pedal

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    Feb 23, 2014
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    1373154A-E065-4289-B519-FB4C61511E30.jpeg AEB39862-01B0-4386-84AA-09E869760DAE.jpeg FF8F4198-B041-4262-ACF1-766520A29923.jpeg 074DD86C-3ECA-4D92-A072-B2F09ECBE69F.jpeg ED8F86B6-F9B5-40C5-B608-B86FE5A21CF7.jpeg 976F935F-D542-4337-A7C2-52124E116F76.jpeg I’m putting up my Geddy Lee Pedal for sale. Basically I was putting together a different type of pedal board which never panned out. The pedal is BRAND NEW has a total of 7 hours (if that) play time. I still have the box and accompanying paperwork. $200.00 shipped! The pedal sounds FANTASTIC but I have the rack mount version and am sticking with my rack mount set up. But if you have any questions please feel free to ask.