SOLD Genz Benz Streamliner 600 *$325.00 shipped Conus*

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    This head is in excellent condition and all lights work well. I will ship it in a gig bag (not Genz Benz). These heads are some of Genz Benz best heads, simple and clear to reach your tone without any effort.

    Genz Benz Streamliner 600 Bass Head Features
    - 375 Watts @ 8 ohms; 600 Watts @ 4 ohms
    - SMPS and Class D power amplifier design
    - Class A Six Stage Tube Preamp (3x12AX7A Tubes)
    - Modified Passive Baxandall EQ for the Lows and Highs
    - Active Tube Driven Mid EQ
    - Selectable 3-Position Mid Frequencies: 220, 600, 2.5K HZ
    - Input Mute
    - Hi Gain switch
    - Master Volume
    - 3DPM(TM) Power Management
    - Full Direct Output Interface
    - Effects Loop
    - Headphone Input
    - Aux. Input
    - Dual Speakon Outputs
    - Variable Speed Fan Cooling 20201128_113901.jpg
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    Great amp and a great price. GLWTS.
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    Someone has started 2021 on the right foot. Congrats to both.
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