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For Sale Genzler Acoustic Array Pro - Gollihur Series Edition! LIKE NEW!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Clift0, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Clift0

    Clift0 Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2019
    North Carolina
    I purchased this Genzler acoustic amplifier 2 months ago to use with my upright bass, but it sounds great for acoustic guitar as well as many other acoustic instruments. (It also works well for electric basses according to the guys at Gollihur Music.) I also purchased the protective cover, which I'll include with the sale.

    This is the exclusive Gollihur series of this amplifier and is the result of a special collaboration between Genzler and the guys at Gollihur Music. I've barely used it in the short time I've had it, and it's in excellent condition.

    You can read about it here: Genzler Gollihur Series Bass Acoustic Array Pro Combo Amp and Extension Speaker (Exclusive) at Gollihur Music - Double Bass, Upright Bass, String Bass Specialists

    The AA-PRO offers a full featured preamp design with 2 identical channels, both with mic and instrument inputs, a unique Contour circuit, flexible EQ network, Digital Effects, a 150 watt / 300 watt Class D power amplifier platform, unique angled cabinet shape, bottom-mounted speaker stand adaptor and a sophisticated speaker system design.

    • Two Identical Preamp Channels w/Mic and Instrument Inputs
    • Phantom Power for Condenser Mics
    • Signal Phase Reverse Switch
    • Contour Circuit for Quick Tonal Adjustments (great for dialing in a quick electric bass sound)
    • Active EQ w/Sweepable Mids
    • Adjustable Digital Effects (Reverb and Chorus) on Each Channel
    • Innovative Bass Arrayâ„¢ Speaker System Design
    • 10" Woofer w/4 x 2.5" Cone-driver Line Array
    • Slanted Cabinet Design for Improved Projection
    • Ultra-lightweight 27 lb Compact Cabinet Design
    • Power Output: 150 W (combo); 300 W with Extension Cab
    • 3 XLR Direct Outputs
    • Effects Loop
    • Auxiliary Input
    • Standard Pole mount socket on bottom of cabinet for putting the combo up in the air!

    I'm located in Charlotte, NC but willing to ship.

    Thanks for looking! Message me with any questions!

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    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  2. Tdub77


    Feb 10, 2016
    Bozeman, MT
    Just wondering why you're selling it? I maybe interested...
  3. chilibass2


    Apr 26, 2016
    Is this still for sale?

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