SOLD George Ls solderless right angle plugs & low capacitance black co-ax cable

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    Nov 13, 2002
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    I think I have four kits worth. A single kit contains ten plugs, 10 feet of cable and sells for $95.

    I will do all forty plugs and the 25+ feet of remaining cable for $150 shipped OR sell separately somewhere along the lines of:
    - $4 per plug, no cable
    - $10 for two plugs and 2 feet worth of cable

    Cable is cut up into various lengths and I have maybe an uncut 5 foot piece. These are easy to unscrew, retrim the ends with a sharp scissor for a fresh lead. DM me if interested and I can bunch up different lengths, trim cleanly, or prebuild cables of different lengths priced accordingly.

    USPS first class shipping included. CONUS shipping only. PayPal or Venmo payment.