For Sale Gettysburg/Gods and Generals Limited Edition DVD Set

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    Box set of two movies; Gods and Generals and Gettysburg. Total of 6 DVDs. Director's cut adds almost an hour to the original releases. Though G & G was pretty much panned by the critics, Gettysburg was widely praised and more than made up it's cost in the theaters alone. Box also has an assortment of things of interest to Civil War buffs, but nothing of real value. Just interesting items. The two movies are what you are wanting. I actually enjoyed most of G&G although it is very very slanted for the South. Very. Slanted. Gettysburg on the other hand is much more evenly shown. Both sides make errors and both sides produced heros. The fight on Little Round Top was filmed on the actual site, the first time the NPS has allowed that to happen. Thousands of Civil War reenactors gave their time for free and were a major source of the accuracy of the clothing, flags, banners, and weapons. Based upon the Pulitzer Prize winning short novel The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. Price is about 1/2 of current new price. Box Set - Gettysburg & Gods and Generals - box.jpg

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