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  1. Headed to the Northwoods last Friday for a gig at the Up North Beer Fest in Eagle River WI. For those not familiar with life in WI, the place to go in the summer is "up north" to a lake or vacation area, and Eagle River is a big area for summer recreation. This festival has been going on for a few years. It's basically a bunch of craft beer vendors that sell their stuff and invite the public.

    The Friday night welcome party was new this year and we got the slot for opening night.

    My regular driver becomes the "gig" mobile.

    Unusual scenery, no idea when/what happened here.

    After a short stint on the Interstate, this is a typical drive in WI.

    In the spirit of the "back yard gig" thread, this was our power situation. I'm standing on the stage looking into the distance at the one 20 amp circuit we had to use, the outlet was in that little red circle. One heavy duty cable and we ran the whole gig for 3 hours that way, no issues, gotta love the new low power consumption gear.

    My bass station, the board, my amp, and the Musicmasters ready to play! In the photo above that showed the power you can see my ext cab from my Rumble 500. It's a Behringer 500 watt sub that the power supply went out on, works great as a passive ext cab.

    The empty venue during setup.

    All set up and sound check done. Weird to have that pole in the center front of the stage but no way to remove it.

    No food pics, yeah I'm a slouch but we don't generally take time to eat, hey I'm not Bass Cliff!

    Gig time. Lots of fun, some great feedback from attendees and the organizers were very happy with the results. No dancers but lots of sing along and the crowd stayed throughout.


    Thanks for looking.
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    Can't go wrong with beer and music. I like your bass. Cool color and pickguard. I like Wisconsin, too.
  3. Thanks. The pickguard on that red bass and the other Musicmaster were both painted by my son so they're pretty special to me.
  4. Hi @WI Short Scaler,

    Nice! :) Beautiful day, beautiful drive, beautiful extension cord. :D

    Those tents can be a bit reflective but yours had no walls. That helps a lot. That's a good looking stage too, seems very solid. I guess those poles are for a canopy. Your unload looks too convenient. Good for you. Thanks for showing us your very cool gig.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    Ah Wisconsin!!!!!! AND an Awesome Gig Report too!!!!!!!

    Yeah, that semi looked.....toasted. Ouch. That was bad....not as bad as the insurance bill was though.

    Nice rig, but I have to ask, what happened with the Behringer? That's a drag, but not unheard of...same thing happened with my Ampeg combo kind of. Did you have to have it rewired to make it work for a cabinet, or did it already have a passive option wired in place?

    Did anyone capture any video of you guys playing? Would be fun to see if they did....
  6. The places we play are much smaller than where you seem to play, so load ins are generally like this. One advantage to Central WI gigs I guess.

    That Behringer sub was on a cart and our guitarist accidentally let it roll off the cart and down a flight of stairs. It didn't work so we took it to a local tech who determined the power supply was out and repairs were cost prohibitive so he wired it for passive and I inherited it. I only use the ext cab for outdoor gigs, adds alot. The speaker is 8 ohm/500 watt and that's perfect for my Rumble 500. Thanks, love my small simple rig, that little case on my amp has my wireless unit and my tuner pre-wired. One plug to the wall, set the tuner down so I can see it and go!

    Our guitarist's wife just got a new camera that will do video but she's new on the learning curve so no video from this gig. Hopefully soon though! Thanks for asking! If you go to our FB page there's some on there,
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  7. Kitsapbass

    Kitsapbass What key is this?

    May 26, 2005
    Bremerton, WA
    TOTALLY looking forward to it when I get out of work!!! Big Government doesn't really have good streaming, so I'll watch it when I get out of work for the day. Bummer to hear about how the sub got broken, but at least you've got some use of it. I'm debating buying the parts to do the same for my old Ampeg. It'll cost more to fix it than it would to buy a used one, but I figure $30 worth of parts will do the job LOL!!!!
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  8. I had an Ampeg combo that went up in smoke. I love the speakers in it, so I had it required to be a passive cabinet and paired it up with a Traynor SB200. I really like the way it sounds. I leave that set up at church.
    Looks like a nice gig. Pretty chill and lots of fun. I'll check out your Facebook page.
  9. Looks great! Even the Mad Max burnt up semi on the way!
    Good times!
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    Long ago and far away I played at something called "Hop's Modernaire Beer Bar" which I think was in Eagle River. Thursday night was Vampire Night ("all you can suck for a buck"). Also played in Rhinelander, Minocqua, Wausau, Sayner ("snowmobile capital" as I recall), and a beach party somewhere outside of Duluth...ah, the Strange Old Days.:D
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    Jan 2, 2008
    "all you can suck for a buck"........only in Wisconsin !!:thumbsup:

    they stopped letting us have that kind of fun over here years ago. :rollno:
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    Jan 2, 2008
    You should have posted the typical Wisconsin drive after dark with all the deer standing in and alongside the road. Do they think we'll be handing out deer treats ? is that why they all gather at the roadside?
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  13. you can't go wrong with a Rumble 500.... the best bass amp I've ever owned... so light and versatile
    looks like it doesn't take your drummer long to set up either!
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    Lark in the Morning Instructional Videos; Audix Microphones
    Great stuff! Keep on rockin'!
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    Aug 3, 2016
    Johnny had heard the horror stories, but never really believed them...


    ... folks, if you're gonna heat up roller food on a 1000 watt hot plate, don't leave it unattended...

    ... they say the kielbasa was traveling lightspeed, when it shot through the side of the trailer.

    Nice report, @WI Short Scaler! Keep'em coming!
  16. jchrisk1


    Nov 15, 2009
    Northern MI
    They're just waiting for the perfect vehicle to run in front of, at least that's what they do on my side of the lake. Sometimes they get it wrong and choose a semi truck.
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  17. There were a ton of deer on my way home, photo'ing them would have guaranteed I would hit one though!
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    I know right, its kind of like running the gauntlet, there freakin everywhere
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  19. Thanks to all for reading this and finding it entertaining for even a few minutes.

    In comparison to some others gigs I guess I thought ours were pretty uninteresting so I don't always post them. Glad to know you're all interested.
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    Jan 2, 2008
    Its not every day you get to see a burned out semi rig
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