SOLD Glockenklang 4 knob 3-band EQ Preamp

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    Aug 3, 2006
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    Hello Everyone,

    I have put up a Glockenklang 4 knob, 3-band eq, 9V preamp. Glockenklang is a premier preamp and will make any bass sound great. This preamp has a volume (active/passive)-blend-mid-bass/treble stack configuration.

    The preamp has a mid frequency of 550MHz which I found very tasteful at detent position. Honestly, this is one clean sounding preamp. The bass set at 40Hz gives respectable low end and highs at 18kHz is very clean and completely usable.

    Wiring diagrams can be found for this online and it is a fairly easy preamp to install. I never tried to make a hybrid 18V out of it.

    I am also shipping nuts and washers with the preamp along with the euro-dome knobs (including stack knobs) that go along with the preamp.

    This is a great upgrade for your bass guitar.

    Thanks for considering.

    B76C3978-91E1-4DDE-8F11-68F805666F0D.jpeg BFE2953F-0A1A-41F9-A580-83198B06A0E0.jpeg F16786D7-1ABE-44AD-8E87-4AF8785E2BC0.jpeg 52CFC561-0795-4959-9BB8-5428B434F5CE.jpeg F9451077-8149-4018-8552-CC617B642FE6.jpeg